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Odd notions are willful childish convictions, something fanciful yet incredible doubt, or simple convictions. Yet, science – the most notable and well-known expression of this time. Science as is accepted to be something practical which even makes the incredible genuine; the unattainable feasible.

There’s no other nation on the planet like India. Here science and odd notion go inseparably. While we’ve sent incredible rockets into space, we additionally fret if a dark feline cross our way.

To know more and more about superstitious, I had telephonic and WhatsApp Discussion with many people of different nationalities and came to know certain very interesting beliefs. As the 2nd wave of covid-19 has created panic all over the world, I thought it proper to write this blog for sake of making my readers relaxed and entertained.

        ARAB superstitious.

In the event that somebody takes the salt from your hand, it implies both of you will have problems and are well on the way to begin contending. Regardless, absolutely never pass the salt.


 In case somebody spills water on you, both of you will never talk again. Be cautious where you pour.


In the event that you spill olive oil it is abhorrent. They don’t state what occurs, yet it’s malevolent.


Middle Easterners state that in case you enter the latrine with the left foot, terrible things will occur. Like stalling out in the bidet? Whereas in Spain it is misfortune to go into office or room with your left foot first. In case you’re ever in the nation for business, tread carefully as you stroll into your next gathering.


Rice: Arabs accept that tossing rice brings best of luck at weddings and can be seen throwing the grains after won battles.


Broke a glass at an evening gathering? Try not to worry. Breaking glass in the Arab world in a real sense implies breaking a spell of misfortune. Notwithstanding, don’t circumvent breaking ceramics at an evening gathering in the West, where individuals have especially various conclusions towards broken glass.

      Jewish superstitious.

 Spit Three Times After observing, hearing, or learning of something horrendous, it’s standard to spit multiple times to avert the stink eye. Jews likewise spit and state “pu” subsequent to getting uplifting news. This guarantees that the stink eye additionally doesn’t ruin the uplifting news.


Try not to Take A Direct Path Home from The Cemetery. Graveyards are loaded up with detestable spirits, so in the wake of visiting a friend or family member don’t go straightforwardly home. You wouldn’t need the evil spirits to follow you back to your home.



Just Bring an Even Number of Flowers. While blossoms are consistently an incredible method to celebrate an extraordinary event, ensure that flower bundles are loaded up with an odd number of blossoms. Flower bundles with a significantly number of blossoms are held for burial services as it were.

    Japanese superstitious.

      Putting some scissors under your cushion is supposed to be viable warding off the malevolent spirits and terrible dreams.


Japanese individuals accept that “having an origami frog in their wallets will help bring favorable luck and ‘okane ga kaeru’ or ‘cash will return.’


In Japan, dozing while at the same time confronting the north is viewed as misfortune and brings demise. The clarification for this is that solitary the perished one’s body is put in the confronting the north in memorial services.  

         Superstitions vary from culture to culture all over the world.                                      

 In Portugal, numerous individuals accept that strolling in reverse brings misfortune.


Setting void bottles on the ground is viewed as a best of luck practice in Russia.


As indicated by Turkish legend, when an individual chew gum around evening time, it transforms into the substance of the dead. Subsequently, individuals are firmly prompted against biting gum after dull in Turkey.


on the off chance that the main thing you state on the first day of the month is “bunny hare,” you’ll have best of luck for its remainder.



         Gamblers superstitious    

While you are in some club or casino busy in betting, don’t tally cash on the table.

This is a notion that most speculators follow when messing around at the gambling club. Including your cash on display of different players is viewed as unfortunate, while some see this as awful manners since such motions come out discourteous and amateurish.  

 Red color has consistently been related with best of luck among gamblers over the world. This conviction began in Asia, as the Chinese trust it is a fortunate shading when betting at gambling clubs.  

 There is a notion among numerous gamblers that loaning cash to individual players can get misfortune.

Gamblers are well known for having faith in customs that bring them best of luck. In any case, where do these betting notions really come from? At the point when confronted with weight and vulnerability, individuals go to ceremonies and recognizable schedules that give them a feeling of control.  

Basket Ball legend Michael Jordan consistently wore old North Carolina school shorts under his Chicago Bulls uniform for karma in the game. Entertainer and movie producer John Wayne never put his cattle rustler cap on a bed since he trusted it will bring misfortune. Weapons N’ Roses vocalist Axl Rose won’t act in urban areas which name starts with an ‘M’ since he accepts, they are reviled.

You may cross your fingers for best of luck, yet never fold your legs while putting down a wager since it is accepted to ‘cross out’ your best of luck. Bizarre as it might sound, many trusts in this gambling club odd notion and won’t fold their legs at the tables.   

 Sailors believe that A kingfisher is an exceptionally fortunate winged creature.

At the point when a swan lays its head and neck back over its body during the daytime it implies a tempest is coming.

A winged animal that winds up splattered over your vehicle windshield is a certain indication of misfortune.

Sailors accept that seeing a gooney bird while adrift is an indication of best of luck, while slaughtering one spells fate and hopelessness.  


        Dream superstitious.

Hair dropping out or trimming one’s hair in a fantasy is anything but a decent sign. Hair is accepted to be connected to abundance and cash in dreams, so in case you’re losing hair in your fantasy, you might be losing a lot of cash. Nonetheless, trimming your hair is accepted to be connected to distress, sorrow and misfortune.


On the off chance that somebody who is dead comes to take you or somebody you know some place; it is accepted that passing is coming after you.


That is correct, being pregnant in a fantasy isn’t something wonderful, particularly in case you’re not hitched. Unpleasant occasions will wash over you and your family, or so they accept.

Being naked in broad daylight ……. The vast majority have had this fantasy in any event once, however many don’t have a clue what it implies. Despite the fact that all fantasy implications are generally abstract and this one particularly has been since a long time ago discussed, most concur that this fantasy demonstrates you are feeling uncovered, abnormal, or powerless, or you are anxious about the possibility that that you have uncovered a lot of yourself as of late.

the number four is considered incredibly unfortunate in China as the way to express the word is almost indistinguishable from that of the word for “death.” So, skip the four o’clock gatherings and get up right on time for an eight am. Eight is viewed as a truly positive number.

Filipino notion says wearing garments with polka dots is best of luck as the round shape is accepted to draw in riches and favorable luck.


Certain convictions among the individuals from a general public some of the time emerge out of dread, now and then from defenselessness and at times by some coincidence. These are commonly alluded to as “strange notions.” These convictions have existed since the early days of mankind.  Huge numbers of them have no logical premise and are not connected to a specific strict confidence. In spite of the fact that they frequently seem counter-intuitive or irrational, they are as yet a fundamental portion of people groups’ hearts, mind and brains.



Popular Beliefs/Superstitious Related to Spirits, Graveyards, Holy Tombs.


 Anyone who chops down trees close to visiting spots will be incapacitated.


 Anyone who takes anything from a heavenly burial chamber will be incapacitated.


 It isn’t acceptable to call attention to the grave. The fingers of any individual who does so will become feeble and flimsy.


 If a creature puts out its tongue when being relinquished, it is accepted that the proprietor of the creature will bite the dust inside the year.


 If a kid continually cries, it is accepted that somebody will die the dust in that house.


 When a lot of blossoms is put on a grave, the soul of that individual returns. He thumps his head on the wood when attempting to get up and says, “My God, I am dead”.

 The flesh and the bones separate 40-52 days in the afterlife. Individuals accumulate in the dead individual’s home and implore together for the fragile living creature and the issues that remains to be worked out without any problem.

 The soul of the dead individual visits his home seven days following passing.

Bringing a dead body inside a house is viewed as unfortunate. On the off chance that that occurs, it is accepted that three individuals from that house will die the dust.

Trees in burial grounds may not be chopped down, it is accepted that genies live among such trees.


 It is prohibited to stay during night in a burial ground.


 If somebody dies around evening time, a blade is set on the body until morning.

Do not off the lights for three days in a house in which a dead body has been washed.

It is accepted that, if the grave digger isn’t given a tip the dead body won’t relax.

The individuals who wear dead people garments will live quite a long.

Smoking in grave yard can create problem for smoker.

In the event that an individual runs over a hare on his way, he may have misfortune. He should pivot and stroll back by a similar street he came


        Animal superstitious.


If a snake is killed, tossed in water and vanishes, it is accepted that there will be consistent downpour and floods.

 when a wolf wails, the climate will be freezing, or there will be day off.

– If an owl hoots in the front of a house, both a member of the residence will or there will be a catastrophe in that house

When a cow offers birth, heavy matters are no longer carried into the house, for the reason that it is believed that if heavy matters are carried in, the cow will no longer have adequate milk.

When a cow offers birth, its first milk is no longer taken outdoor the residence for concern the cow will lose its all milk. Coal is blended with the first milk of animal.



The howling of a jackal is viewed awful luck. The man who hears it have to spit on the ground; in any other case he might also face a catastrophe.

– When a jackal begins to howl, it is a signal of sunny climate.

– If a canine appears at the sky and barks, it is a signal of blood.


                      The highest heel closes the biggest deal

The most elevated heels close the greatest arrangements! Therefore, all the women in the workplace wear heels as a piece of the clothing standard


Numerous notions have their underlying foundations in our set of experiences, fantasies, culture and old stories. Thus, they are rarely general, and what is viewed as fortunate in one nation might be a harbinger of misfortune in others. For entrepreneurs, everything comes down to benefit and misfortune, and these convictions resemble reassurances, especially so during turbulent occasions. You could conceivably rehearse a portion of these deliberately, yet eventually, business is a great deal about far-sightedness, the executives aptitude, precise and careful accounting, and even karma. Anything that causes you to feel fortunate can never be terrible when rehearsed with some restraint.

remember that “notions” or ceremonies can really be useful in the working environment. They help center. They can help set you straight before a major occasion. They assist you with accepting that karma is your ally.


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