First of all, I blogger strongly condemn invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces.

This warfare has precipitated swift condemnation by various countries, immediately sanctions  were imposed by United States, United Kingdom  and different international locations concentrated on Russian banks, oil refineries, and navy exports, and  emergency talks at the UN Security Council (UNSC).


Long ago Ukraine and Russia were closely related– remember well at that time it seems as both are cousin. What Happened with Russia to invade its neighboring country….it is a question mark. According  to 2018 survey conducted by Razumkov Centre, 67.3 % population of Ukraine  are orthodox Christian, Muslim population is 2.5  percent while population of Jews is 0.4 %.Hindu population becomes  very small. It looks very strange that a country having majority of Orthodox Christian is being ruled by a Jew…… it is the real  bone of contention amongst these two nations.Secondly, Russian are  interested in having Orthodox church in Moscow while President of Ukraine is near to Catholic church & wants to have Orthodox church in Ukraine. Another reason of invasion can be American increasing influence over  Ukraine and establishment of biological labs set up in Ukraine by USA. Another reason of conflict can be Zelensky’offer to grant Ukrainian citizenship to Russian and other who suffer from corrupt regime. As for as European union is concerned ,they are very wise nations and have very carefully kept themselves  away from this war.

Launching the invasion on 24 February Putin told his nation, his purpose become to “demilitarize and de-Nazi Ukraine”, to guard Russia subjected to what he referred to as 8 years of bullying  by Ukraine’s government. Russian President Vladimir Putin made clear that he considers Ukraine’s area to be in Russia’s fold — a role it held from the days of the Russian Empire under Catherine the Great in the 18th century via the nations’ shared records in the Soviet Union.

If we see toward Zelensky..who is he and how he became head of the state ? Basically he is an actor famous for his comedy performance but very shrewd  personality.He is Jew but ruling Christians in Ukraine.During his election campaign his slogan was “FIGHT AGAINST CORRUPTION” In spite of the fact that Pandora papers reveals off shore of zelensky’s  and his inner circle wealth in Virgin island and in Cyprus and Beleiz.It is a long story of his corruption however it is strange to point out that Zelensky is more popular in USA than President Joe Beiden.It seems Zelensky’s  main goal is to strength his personal authority.


 Afghanistan used to be additionally a peaceable and “civilized” country  in 1979 earlier than the Soviets invaded (and grew to become the struggle region between the West and Soviet bloc). Ditto for Iraq (before the American assault in 2003)After a long war by NATO, they were forced to withdrawal from Kabul and whole the world had seen shameful  & insulting  events of evacuation at Kabul air port. Another example is invasion of Beirut by Israel.Look at Yemen war,Saudi army firing missiles at  civilian population but no sanctions against Saudi Arabia.This double standard of USA and Europe pinches me.

                                                                                 Invasion of Beirut by Israel.

                                                         No sanctions were imposed against Israel by USA or EU.


                                                                         Invasion of Ukraine by Russia.

                                                          Immediate sanctions were imposed by USA & EU.

                                                                           Invasion of Kabul by USA.

                                               No sanctions were imposed against United states of America.


                             Invasion of Yemen , but no sanctions were imposed against Saudis.


Another example of double standard…..FIFA & European Union Football Association ban Russian Football  team from WORLD CUP….To my way of thinking, there should be no place of politics in sports.



                                                   Journey of Ukrainian refugees




Meanwhile  a few days back, Sky News broadcast a video of humans in the central Ukrainian town of Dnepr making Molotov cocktails, explaining how grating Styrofoam makes the incendiary gadget stick to automobiles better. If this was once carried out by  Palestinians, Afghanistan or different  other struggling nations resisting occupation, it would be terrorism. And in case  of Mandela’s anti-apartheid era, it used to be additionally dubbed terrorism. For Europeans & Americans  going through comparable situations, it is resistance!.

 History is filled with double standard behavior of big nation as they believe ” MIGHT IS RIGHT. Further more up till today (20th march,2022),European union does not allow any traveler from third world  countries to enter in Europe with the argument that these restrictions have been imposed to control spreading of Covide-19 while for millions of Ukrainian refugees,no such restriction are there and they are allowed to enter in EU countries without any certification of vaccination.  .


Russia  stands responsible for this crime of imposing war against Ukraine.Russia did the same in Afghanistan  many years before. NATO is more prominent however, it would be an epic brawl which is more the motivation behind why they haven’t effectively support Ukraine yet, if at any time. Nobody believes it should turn into a Nuclear conflict which it would in the event that, Putin concludes that when he goes down the remain of the world goes down as well. It is hard to under stand why people with blue eyes and blond hair are killing people having blue eyes and blond hair(Russian & Ukraine )It is very difficult to know why Muslim army of Saudi Arabia is firing rockets and missiles on another Muslim country,Yemen. WHY THIS ENMITY ?

Off course there should be no war any where in the world but certain developed countries should also leave their double standard policy.The Media is crying to help Ukraine but please  keep in mind that from 2003 t0 2008 approximately 5000 Ukrainian army men remained involved  in killing and looting  million of Iraqi civilian under the umbrella of NATO.At that time why European media remained silent…..My humble request to  USA, do not pour oil on flames by supplying more arms to Ukraine.





Before closing this blog my humble and very respectfully request to big powers…….Keep in mind…..

More weapon…Less happiness.

More guns…..More misery

War settles nothing.

Observe good faith and justice towards all nations.


 In my opinion,European nations are very sympathetic, peace lover,loving and caring towards poor nations but some times they come under the influence of USA.Any way I appreciate European union for the help they extended towards Ukrainian refugees.However the European  Union behaved with Syrian refugees differently.THERE ARE NO  WINNER IN WAR BUT WAR IS GREAT OPPORTUNITY TO MAKE HUGE PROFIT FOR ARM DEALER.It is prominent to mention here that due to in time interference and  help and assistance of NATO,Ukraine  is still facing Russian aggression very bravely.

    .                European  Union  has allowed traveling to third world countries

                More than 1700 Ukrainian army men surrendered and they are  under arrest shifted to



                 some  unknown place by Russian army.Finland & Sweden wants to join NATO  & inflation

                 rate  in United Kingdom has gone up more than 9  percent.

               01.06.2022   today USA has announced to supply Rocketing system to Ukraine which indicates more

                killing,more destruction and more danger of Nuclear war.

              An other example of double standard…….Ukrainian refugees are welcome while refugees from

             Rawanda are being sent back by UK.  (10th June,2022)




     On behalf of all peace minded people &  friends,I request leaders of  countries having good relationship with Russia to come forward and convince Russia to go for cease fire as early as possible .  To my  way of thinking Turkey or India  and China can play important role for the implementation on cease fire as these  countries are nearer  and dearer to Putin.





I am looking forward to have  comments from my readers.Kindly note comments deemed to be spam or solely promotional in nature will be deleted.I do not mind to answer any technical question from the comment section but some time it is impossible to give the answer unless you get all the facts up front.I love to have your comments







  1. Really nice article.Cease fire suggestion given by the author is fantastic.USA is a naughty boy so avoid it.

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  3. True and real fact….European are filled with double standard events.Any way let us hope that war between Russia and Ukraine comes to end soon and USA should not indulge itself in way of peace.

  4. European countries are very friendly with all nations but it is USA that create fuss.Thank you for sharing this wonderful post.

  5. I endorse the idea to involve friendly nations to maintain and keep peace between Ukraine and Russia.I think Turkey and China can play an important role to bring cease fire.The information given in this post are good.Thank you for sharing.Please keep it up.

  6. Article shows true happening in this world. American sitting several miles away from Europe is in habit to interfere others issues.Russia and Ukraine must understand that war is not the solution of any problem.I fully agree with the author to impose cease fire without any delay.


  8. You speak truth but unfortunately such truth never liked by USA.Your blog is wonderful.Thanks for sharing it.

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  28. I understand this war is between Jews and orthodox Christians…..Nothing to do with Russia & Ukraine.

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  30. War against Ukraine is a criminal act both Russia and USA are responsible for this crises.They must get punished.

  31. After arrest of many soldiers of Ukraine army,it seems war is near to its end and Ukraine can be a part of Russia.Thank you very much for providing true figure and facts.

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